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Matthew Damian - Lead guitar



About me:
My name is Matthew Damian, I was born on second of june 1977  and live in London, England.  I am a regular guy who wants to create music for people who are sick with the bulk of popular music which is offered by the "Mass-Media" today.  I wanted to play the guitar so badly I made my mother buy me one for my 10th birthday. I studied classical guitar for 5 years at the Music Academy of Bucharest and I also studied 3 years at Theological Academy in Ovidius University - Constanta. HIGHLIGHT KENOSIS is my dream which is now reality thanks to my friends who support me in this and thanks  to you who are reading these lines. 

I like:
Playing electric, acoustic and classical guitar and composing music bursting from my soul. I love perfoming on stage.
I like cooking exotic food and it's good to talk to wise people who I can learn from.

I'd like to meet:
The Light of the World in the Afterlife. And here, more people who want to be helpful to others; more people who don't lie (I like honesty and trust) and talk more about the good parts instead of the bad parts of a person.
People who are trying to find what the real Love is (not only what to make love is);
More people who listen to jazz, clever electro, classical and rock music.

I like Dream Theater, Steve Vai, Nightwish, Muse, Paul Gilbert, Pat Metheny, Frank Gambale, Antonio Badalamenti, James Horner, Sissel Kyrkjebo, Björk, Massive Attack and classical music like Gustav Mahler for example.

Trainspotting, The Painted Veil, Gilbert Grape, Titanic (for the attention to detail and professionalism in everything), Big Fish, Aviator, Catch me if you can, Blow, Full Monty, Devil's Advocate, Casino, Amadeus, Moulin Rouge, Gladiator, August Rush, Amelie etc.
I'm too busy to watch 99% of television and the 1% I can find on the web without being bombarded with comercials until I forget what documentary/movie I was watching.
Same with the radio. Anyway, I blame mass-media for finding this excuse that it promotes only what people are asking for. No!!! People don't ask anything, mass-media is giving this low quality music, movies and shows. I don't believe people like so much violence and sex in their entertainment.

Books about musician's lives and stories of people who succeed in bettering themselves.

Jesus and everyone who succeeds in improving himself or herself, everyone who is sensitive to other's problems and those who embrace the arts.
I prefere people who don't think too much about themselves.

My dreams:
Reaching Happyness and Peace, living with my friends in harmony, in a wonderful landscape and sharing my music with you :)

You can visit my personal page on MySpace , at

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