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Daniel Busenius - Drums


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About me:
I was born on 21st of January 1986 in Heilbronn Neckargartach, Germany. I'm living in Bochum. I'm glad to continue my musical experience with Highlight Kenosis.

At the age of six my musical journey started with classical guitar followed by piano a few years later. After 8 years my guitar teacher went on to musical work of Leo Brouwer and realized that I was fascinated by the different rhythm feelings.
I wanted to start playing drums. I joined a band during the school but there was only a place for a keyboarder. I tried to do my best for one year. In the evenings I would have the keys from my music teacher to try out the drums alone.
Soon after I founded a band with some friends in order to create our own music with a lot of different influences.
After a short time I was performing with three bands. One was called Perversus and we were crazy about improving in speed and technique. This band was greatly influenced by Flo Mounier of the band Cryptopsy and George Kollias of Nile.


The second band was a metalcore band called Tes Yeux with a lot of melodic parts influenced by bands like Atreyu, Heaven Shall Burn, As I Lay Dying, Killswith Engage, Norma Jean or Cradle of Filth.
The third band was a postrock band with a lot of guitar effects and saxophone.
Although it was a great time I always felt like I'm missing something. When I started listening to Dream Theater and other progressive bands it felt like closing the gap. Musicians who compose music in such a wonderful way! Music to me means to create together in terms of melody and rhythm and to spread it out - that feeling of common composing.
An extensive search began. A dream began – to find people who want to create and live that kind of music.


I like / I'd like:
People who are open towards different cultures, attitudes, values.

Dream Theater discography, Steve Vai ( For the Love of God ), John Petrucci Suspended Animation, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Planet X, Meshuggah, Virgil Donati, Muse, Deftones, Dave Matthews Band, Antonio Vivaldi, David Garrett, Paco de Lucia, Leo Brouwer and many others.

In Bruges, Ip Man, Seven Pounds, Just go with it, The Machinist, Equilibrium, The Godfather, Blow, Gladiator, Leon the professional and other movies of Quentin Tarantino, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro.

Watching interesting musicians on youtube.

My family and friends.

My dreams:
Live in peace and harmony with my family and friends, gigging as much as possible, creating a new album which I can share with you. And maybe one day playing with Dream Theater on the same stage :)




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